Honor Magic V2 review foldable lead smartphone is huge and splendid



Chipset:Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
GPU:Adreno 740
Foldable display:7.92in, 2,344 x 2,156, 120Hz LTPO OLED
Front display:6.43in, 2,376 x 1,060, 120Hz LTPO OLED
Rear cameras:50MP, f/1.9 main, 50MP, f/2 ultrawide; 20MP, f/2.4 2.5x telephoto
Front cameras:2x 16MP f/2.2
Connectivity:USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC
OS:MagicOS 7.2 (based on Android 13)
Dimensions:156.7 x 74.1 x 9.9mm (folded); 156.7 x 145.4 x 4.7mm (unfolded)



The main thing you will do when you turn on the Honor Wizardry V2 is to open it up and appreciate the 7.92-inch internal screen. This merits doing, as it permits you to see the value in the brilliant shades of the OLED, yet additionally look at the amount of an impact the pivot has on the showcase.

It's certainly there, there's no denying it, and assuming you slant the telephone this way and that so it gets the light you can recognize it. Yet, when there's content playing, or you have a book or website page open with the gadget completely unfurled, you won't see it. It mixes better into hazier foundations - the default variety plan and foundation is dark with a mathematical bloom plan that puts an upward component straight up the track of the pivot for an explanation, we suspect - yet in any event, while perusing a book on a white foundation it's scarcely noticeable. You can't hold the hinge in a V-shape like you would with a book because it works in such a way that it prefers to be fully open. This makes it easier to hide behind what you're looking at.

Being nearly basically as large as the screen on an iPad scaled down, however with a vagrant perspective proportion, the unfurled screen is ideally suited for video or gaming, however few applications past the Chrome program and Ignite digital book peruser will occupy the whole space. Debut Rush, Adobe's versatile video altering application, keeps itself between dark bars, a dissatisfaction when you could hope to have the option to utilize the whole screen. This might change as applications are refreshed.

Snap it shut, and anything content you're eating up will move to the 6.43-inch front screen, which has a similar pixel thickness as the collapsing one however is equipped for more noteworthy brilliance. Compared to the nearly square central screen, this is a typical smartphone layout that feels tall and thin like a Sony phone.

Around the back is a noticeable rectangular camera swell with three focal points and a Drove streak, while forward looking cameras are addressed by openings punched through the screens - focal on the front, and offset to one side on the collapsed screen to keep away from the pivot.

The two sides of the telephone, whenever delivered independently, would be a very slight cell phone for sure, in any event, when collapsed together they're as yet more slender than numerous other Android telephones when placed for a situation. You'll know it's a collapsing telephone from the manner in which it feels, and the manner in which the lock button/unique finger impression peruser and volume rocker are on various edges, so they're not straight over each other when the telephone is collapsed (yet close to the point of utilizing with a similar thumb). This implies it's on 'some unacceptable' side - under the left hand - when it's opened, notwithstanding.


Aside from the immense 7.92-inch screen in its center, there's little else to separate the telephone. There's no earphone attachment, simply the standard USB-C port and little speakers. Our survey model arrived in an appealing purple-blue completion, however cases are accessible (there's one in the crate) that join to the side of the telephone with the camera on it, permitting it to in any case pivot open and frequently adding a kickstand so you can uphold it in a more normal position on the off chance that you're utilizing it to watch video.

Because the inner screen is coated in a soft, flexible plastic that can be scratched, some protection might be a good idea. More often than not it will be collapsed up, so it will not be presented to risk, and putting a screen defender on each side of the screen will cause a knock when your finger moves from one to the next, and may be apparent as well. The one downside collapsing telephones still can't seem to address.


Honor Magic V2 benchmark scores:
Geekbench 6:Single-core: 2,024
Row 1 - Cell 0Multi-core: 4,983
Row 2 - Cell 0GPU: 8,696
PCMark:Work 3.0: 116,068
PCMark battery test:9h 20m

With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at its heart, and a lot of Smash, you'd anticipate nice execution from the Honor Sorcery V2, and it's unquestionably smart being used, exchanging among screens and applications easily. The Geekbench 6 scores of 2,024 for single-core performance and 4,983 for multi-core processing place it just ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which shares the same chipset, but behind the ASUS ROG Phone 8, which is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3—roughly where you would expect it to be.

The Gen 3 telephones that emerge during 2024, including the Cosmic system S24 family, will most likely draw away, yet the reality stays that the Sorcery V2 offers a lot of torque, despite the fact that its enormous screen positions it as a substance utilization gadget. Web based video looks generally excellent on the unfurled screen, and the speakers are shockingly great at conveying clear discourse that is not covered in the ambient sound. Stop a video on the middle screen and crease the telephone, and it will restart playback on the front screen, a minor inconvenience that implies you want to ensure you press the home button prior to collapsing.

Opening a game raises Honor's Down Director programming, which permits you to change to a better exhibition game mode - it will likewise do this consequently and it picked the 'Adjusted' power plan for SimCity Construct It, a game that benefits significantly from the bigger screen. Inventive Bloq most loved Powerful Destruction was an incredibly smooth encounter, the main issue being that the focused on-screen control stick, which checks out on a standard telephone screen, might have been balanced to the left or right as it turns into somewhat of a stretch for a thumb. The ability to move on-screen controls should hopefully become more common as folding phones become more common.


We anticipate numerous cameras on the rear of our telephones nowadays, and the Honor Wizardry V2 is no special case. A 50MP, f/1.9, optically stabilized wide-angle camera, an ultrawide, 50MP, f/2, and a short telephoto, 20MP, f/2.4, are also included. The double front cameras are both 50MP f/2.2, and video finishes out at 4K/60 from all cameras. There's the capacity to shoot in HDR10+ or with LUTs to accomplish a particular look, and 21:9 viewpoint proportions can be chosen. There are isolated Video and Film modes that permit you to shoot short clasps while holding your settings in the other mode, however sluggish mo video has all the earmarks of being missing, with framerates finishing out at 60fps in any event, when you drop the goal to 720p.

An advantage of the collapsing idea of the telephone is that you can unfurl it so the back camera and front screen are next to each other, permitting you to involve the primary camera for selfies as opposed to depending on the forward looking focal points, which are generally lower quality. This makes ultrawide bunch selfies a lot more straightforward to achieve, which might charm the telephone to a specific segment. Utilizing the camera application with the telephone unfurled shifts the controls aside from the screen right where you're probably going to hold it, and utilizations a huge piece of the screen for the viewfinder show. On the off chance that you overlay the presentation midway, so it looks like a Nintendo DS, the controls move to the base portion of the screen, joined by reviews of shots you've quite recently taken, while the top portion of the screen is taken up by the viewfinder. New and fascinating ways of taking photographs arise, and this turns into an incredible contention for utilizing a collapsing telephone.

The Hawk camera framework from the Enchanted 5 Ace is here, with computer based intelligence upgraded settings for catching grins and development, as well as following items through the casing. Being a telephone made of two collapsing parts there's very little space for cameras, and past collapsing models have needed to think twice about. The Honor Magic V2's cameras produce good pictures, but flagship models with better cameras will outperform it.


The Honor Sorcery V2 costs a great deal, and keeping in mind that it's enticing to say you get a ton for your cash, actually a collapsing telephone won't be the ideal decision for everybody, and burning through this much cash on a cell phone isn't a standard suggestion. It costs more than $1,400 at the time of writing, which puts it in the same price range as phones like the iPhone Pro Max and Galaxy S Ultra. Because of this, you shouldn't buy it on a whim and expect it to last.


Utilizing the Honor Enchantment V2 can make you truly excited about the innovation, flipping among applications and screens rapidly, partaking in the brilliance and variety generation of the OLED screens. Then, at that point, you recall the amount it expenses, and that the speed of progress in the cell phone area implies there will be something considerably really charming along in a couple of months. It's an incredible telephone, yet we suspect its allure will be to some degree specialty because of the expense. However, folding phones can serve as both a phone and a tablet, so if you regularly read on a small Android tablet or play games on it, this could replace two devices with one.
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