Google Pixel Fold 2 what we need to see 2024

One of the highlights of the first half of 2023 was the Google Pixel Fold, which combined excellent cameras with impressive screens in a stylish and surprisingly slim design. On the whole, it was a splendid first endeavor at a foldable telephone by Google, however there are a lot of where the unavoidable Google Pixel Overlap 2 could further develop things.

In light of this, we have compiled a wish list consisting of the five features of the Pixel Fold 2 that we anticipate receiving first. You'll track down that further down in this article, however in front of that we've incorporated a few ballpark estimations concerning the delivery date, cost, and a portion of the specs of the Pixel Crease 2.

There aren't any releases or bits of hearsay about the telephone yet, yet when there are we'll make certain to add them to this article as well, so keep this page bookmarked.


Google's fundamental Pixel line gets new models consistently, so on the off chance that the equivalent is valid for the Pixel Overlay line, we can expect the Pixel Overlap 2 of every 2024, possible around May. Obviously, that is only hypothesis for the time being.

We also have no idea how much the Google Pixel Fold 2 will cost at this time, but considering that the Pixel Fold costs $1,799 or £1,749 (roughly AU$2,630) and is not available in Australia, we can only speculate about its price.

There's an opportunity the Pixel Crease 2 will land in Australia despite the fact that the main model hasn't, since Google has a presence there, however that is not yet clear. A launch in the US and UK is almost certain.


For the present there's no report about the probable plan of the Pixel Overlap 2, however since the ongoing model seems to be a foldable Pixel 7, it's sensible to expect the following one will seem to be a foldable Pixel 8.

A switch to the Tensor G3, which first appeared in the Pixel 8 last year, is one possible upgrade. Be that as it may, another bits of gossip, in view of an obvious source, guarantee the Google Pixel Overlay 2 might skirt the Tensor G3 for another Tensor G4 chip. This could convey further developed computer based intelligence execution making for a brilliant and quicker foldable telephone. Additionally, a massive 16GB of RAM has been speculated, which would represent a first for the Pixel family.


The Google Pixel Fold 2 could be significantly improved over the original in the following ways.

Smaller bezels

The Google Pixel Overlay for the most part looks perfect. It's thin, up-to-date, and looks more like a customary cell phone than any semblance of the Samsung World Z Crease 4. In any case, the foldable screen has shockingly huge bezels around it.

These don't seem as though they have a place on a telephone of this cost, so we might want to see these thinned down essentially for the Pixel Overlap 2.

A lower price

Foldable telephones are unavoidably expensive possibilities and the Google Pixel Crease is no exemption, with a sticker price that is in accordance with the top Samsung foldables.

That is not very much preposterous, considering that it's essentially two gadgets in one, alongside a logical costly collapsing screen. However, this does mean that a lot of people won't be able to afford the Pixel Fold.

We'd very much want to see these gadgets become standard, and for that they should be less expensive, so we trust Google figures out how to reduce expenses with the Pixel Overlay 2 - without eliminating the quality.

A bigger battery

Battery duration is quite often an issue with foldable telephones. All things considered, their enormous and various screens can be very power hungry, yet there's not actually space for a tablet-sized battery inside these telephones.

In any case, most foldable telephones don't match commonplace leads for battery limit, and we'd think the structure element could deal with that. So we might want to see Google move from the 4,821mAh battery in the Pixel Crease, to essentially a 5,000mAh one in the Pixel Overlap 2.

Longer-term support

Google is promising no less than three years of Android updates and five years of safety refreshes for the Pixel Overlap, and keeping in mind that the last option figure is good, three years of working framework refreshes for a telephone this costly truly isn't extremely great. Not in particular as the Pixel 8 series offers seven years of programming support.

A large number are upheld for up to five or six years, and Samsung guarantees four years of Android refreshes for a great deal of its handsets, so Google - which makes Android - truly has no decent reason for not accomplishing more. The Pixel Fold 2 should, hopefully, fix that.
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