Review of NYXI Hyperion Meteor: An extraordinary option for Switch gamers

After using the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad for about a week, I have to say that it has outperformed the official Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in every way. Even though the NYXI Hyperion Pad was already one of our top choices for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternatives (I'll fix that later), I'm even more convinced that this pad is a great solution for Joy-Con drift, especially when playing handheld.

The Hyperion Meteor delight cushion costs around $56.99/£44.95 making it a very reasonable option in contrast to purchasing an authority sets of Nintendo Euphoria Cons which can cost up to $79.99/£74.99 for the exemplary variety pairings. The NYXI Hyperion Meteor delight cushion can do all that a Delight Con can, working either as two separate regulators or joined into one involving the edge for an expert regulator experience.

The vital highlights of this satisfaction cushion incorporate an ergonomic plan that offers an agreeable grasp, breathable Drove lights in eight unique tones, and a 6-pivot gyro making it viable with most movement control games (like Switch Sports). Furthermore it likewise has a really extreme shock and thunder vibration, however you can change this.

It is important to note that NYXI has since updated this Joy-Pad with a new model, the NYXI Hyperion Pro Wireless Joy-Pad, which is almost identical to this controller in most ways, with the exception of having the most recent Hall Effect joysticks instead.

This basically implies that the simple sticks won't wear out as effectively, and won't ever foster stick float in that frame of mind, as the sticks have no actual contact between moving parts, contrasted with conventional joysticks that utilization electrical protection from recognize development. This is a unique advantage for handling stick float, and I'm eager to evaluate this Star cushion from NYXI while looking at how the two regulators perform.

On the off chance that you haven't encountered the feared Euphoria Con float on your Nintendo Switch console yet then count yourself fortunate, as this is a typical issue that Nintendo is extremely mindful of. If your Joy-Cons develop this issue, you can, of course, get them fixed for free by Nintendo; however, there is no guarantee that the drift will not return in the future—my Joy-Cons experienced this.

Therefore, if you're looking for a long-term fix for stick drift on your Nintendo Switch, continue reading to learn how this NYXI joypad performed when I put it through its paces—of course, by drifting through 200cc Mario Kart and catching wild Pokemon.


NYXI HYPERION METEOR Satisfaction Cushion REVIEAt initial feeling, the general feel of this happiness cushion is somewhat off. There's nothing significantly amiss with it, yet in the event that you're accustomed to taking care of true Nintendo Euphoria Cons, you'll quickly see the distinction in weight when you get one (it feels really light - like air) as well as the plastic-y feel that it has in examination.

Individually, these joypads are significantly wider and bulkier than official Joy-Cons. As a result, if you frequently travel with your Switch, you will need to purchase a larger Switch travel case to keep them attached to your console or a separate case just for the controller.

When you press down on the back triggers, the Joy-pads have large, tactile buttons that make a distinct clicking sound. The D-cushion on the left (L) joypad is a welcome expansion, and I generally asked why Nintendo chose to leave out this element from the first Satisfaction Con plan. In general, it seems similar to a Xbox regulator regarding weight, surface, and cumbersome plan. W: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCT

There's a pleasant ergonomic grasp while playing handheld with these NYXI happiness cushions, and it feels adjusted by and large when the delight cushions are connected to one or the other side of the Switch console. Because of its ergonomic design and textured back, it is simple to hold comfortably without putting strain on the wrist.

However, when using the joypad as a professional controller, it is very easy to accidentally press the back buttons, which can be problematic if they are mapped to carry out a particular combo or action (more on this in the features section). I truly appreciate that the face buttons on the right cushion are engraved, and not painted on, so the lettering won't focus on after some time.

The delight cushions interface effectively to the control center by opening into one or the other side of the Switch show, and once matched, can then be utilized remotely for consistent availability. They charge separately by means of a USB-C port at the lower part of each cushion, and can likewise be charged through the actual Switch with an authority Nintendo Switch dock.

Instead of requiring USB-C ports on each pad, NYXI should have made the included grip/frame chargeable, which would have made it simpler to charge both pads simultaneously.


The NYXI Hyperion Meteor Happiness Cushion has a great deal of things making it work. I love the plan, the manner in which it feels close by, and the variety changing Drove lights add an unheard of level to your gaming meeting (particularly around evening time). It's not just about the quite lights however, as this joypad can accomplish more than the conventional Nintendo Delight Cons.

There are two little round M buttons on the rear of one or the other cushion, which can be utilized to enter full scale programming and dole out a capability to the MR back button on the right (R) NYXI happiness cushion and the ML button on the left, which can be truly valuable for combos. If you do not wish to utilize the macro function, I believe this can be disabled; however, I have not yet discovered how to do so.

You will need to hold down the turbo button to change the LED lights on the joy-pad. This button is on the bottom of either pad, next to where the home and capture buttons would be on a traditional Switch. While holding down super, click the joystick (L3 or R3) to change its tone. You can do this more than once to go through the eight different variety choices, and in the event that you hold down the super button once more - yet this time click two times - then, at that point, you can pick a movement mode, similar to the breathable flickering lights.

I think my #1 mode is the blue and purple breathing variety cycle. You can pick various varieties for each cushion as well, which gives it an incredible neon tasteful to match your energy. Because the pads don't talk to each other, you'll have to change the colors and settings each time, and the pads won't always remember your choices. I found that they would frequently return to the essential variety red while going inactive.

Holding down the turbo button on each pad and pressing any other button (YXBA) will cause that button to enter turbo mode, which can be useful during intense levels and boss fights.

There's additionally the shock button on the rear of the cushion (once more, there's one on one or the other cushion), which controls the thunder power going from 0% to 100 percent. There's no HD thunder here, just a fundamental engine vibration, yet it's even an excess.

The main thing this NYXI Joypad doesn't do is perused amiibos - yet they're somewhat insignificant these days at any rate would they confirm or deny that they are? I previously owned them for my 3DS.


Presently it is the ideal time to evaluate on the off chance that this NYXI Switch joypad is really worth the effort. At the hour of composing, the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Delight Cushion retails for $56.99 in the US and £44.95 in the UK, which settles on it a truly reasonable decision for the people who need an extraordinary gaming experience without forking out for true Nintendo Happiness Cons.

This controller offers not just one but two controllers as well as the frame that is included to combine them into a pro controller. When you consider that one official Joy-Con costs approximately $39.99 or £35. At this price, what more can you possibly want?

Indeed, it doesn't have HD thunder or Lobby Joysticks (on the off chance that this is the kind of thing you need, consider the most recent NYXI Hyperion Master model all things considered) however for most Nintendo Switch games you don't be guaranteed to require a great deal of thunder or high level joysticks at any rate.

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